An email from a former OB student of George’s that found me today. Jerry R.

I just saw the George Fund website. Very sorry to hear that George was killed in a mountaineering accident.  George was my OB leader and a fellow grad from U. of Dayton.  He was gifted…charming…fun…witty…etc.  A huge loss for all those who loved him.
Peter McGee


Hello Peter..
Thank you for your kind note.. George and I went back to the 70’s.  He was my assistant on a OB course and we became such great friends and mountain buddies… As you have probably looked at our GGSF homeboy page, we are carrying on his great energy by helping local kids have the same kind of outdoor experiences that you had… If you haven’t looked at it, please do… It tells a good story…
Jerry Roberts


Jerry, thanks for your kind note.  My OB course was a course for teachers; about 1982.  George was so very cool.  I will try to be supportive.  Pete McGee