School District Applicants

The George Gardner Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to SCHOOL PROGRAMS that support Ouray County Youth, ages 14-19, to encourage and facilitate outdoor learning experiences. Funds are awarded to help partially support programs that demonstrate (1) financial need to host the program,(2) an opportunity for personal and interpersonal growth of students as a result of the experience, and (3) an opportunity for students to subsequently make a difference in the lives of others.

Completed applications must be submitted SIX WEEKS prior to the start date of your program.

To apply for a scholarship, please complete our School Scholarship Application, available as an Excel workbook.  There are three worksheets in the workbook: 1) application, 2) budget, and 3) example budget. Please save your application as a new file – don’t overwrite the blank form.  

Please also review the Scholarship Recipient Requirements prior to submittal.  All awardees are required to submit a final report after completion of your project.

If you need assistance filling out this application, we are happy to help! Contact us at with your questions. 

Last updated 12/12/19