George Gardner Scholarship Fund Awards Scholarships — 2013

May of 2013, the George Gardner Scholarship Fund Board of Directors met to peruse over Ouray County student scholarship applications.  We spent most of an afternoon hashing them over and trying to decide who qualified, who really earned consideration, who would benefit the most from financial assistance.  After hours of rereading and discussing all options the question was asked: “what would George do?”  The decision was easy—“everyone got scholarships.“

One student spent a day with Exum Mountain Guides on a rock climbing course and another student attended several Telluride Adaptive Sports Programs this summer with great success.

It should be noted that GGSF supported the Ridgway Elementary Learn to Ski Program and gave scholarships to five Ridgway seniors to participate in the senior Outward Bound River Trip last fall that George started so many years ago.

We were excited and most happy to help students with financial need attend wilderness education programs this year.

The Ouray County Winter Sports Swap provides our largest endowment for GGSF, but it is not enough to support students who need financial help to continue their education.  Contributions from donors and other sources are needed to promote our dream of helping kids follow their dreams.

The GGSF Board of Directors