Willow Krois reports on her Colorado Trail Adventure

willow-blog-photoWillow Krois received George Gardner Scholarship Fund financial assistance which allowed her to take a Wilderness First Aid course, helping ensure she was ready for a big adventure this fall with her mother hiking part of the Colorado Trail.

Thankfully, she didn’t have to put her newly learned skills to too much of a test, but she did help a Colorado Trail Mountain bike racer who crashed…

Check out her great report (with fantastic photos) here:


from Willow…

“My hike on the Colorado trail was AMAZING!!! I really enjoyed the experience of having nothing to do but hike. And it really is incredible that you can carry your home and food and everything that you would need on your back. Also it was surprising that I didn’t go insane not being able to take a shower for 8 days. I think it was really special too, how I got to do it with my inspiring mother. We had so much fun meeting new people and taking pictures! Fortunately we only encountered one need for our first-aid kit. It was on our second to last day hiking, while a huge bike race was going on. It was really annoying, 300+ mountain bikers passed us on the trail. And one of which fell. At nearly the top we stopped to help him with our knowledge on first aid. The crash wasn’t that bad resulting in only a scrape with a semi deep gash. What we did was rinse it out, clean it up, rap it, and gave the biker an advil and some water.”

GGSF is proud of your accomplishments Willow and happy you had the confidence and skills to help that mountain biker!