Solvitur Ambulando Ace Kvale, January 18th

Solved By Walking:
To walk, to be free of artificial constructs, to feel earth, sky, the forces of life through our feet, sun on our skin or maybe rain, it’s all one.

Ace Kvale


Ace has been wandering the globe, camera in hand, for over 30 years. From getting his ass kicked on the world’s highest peaks to helping on medical missions in the world’s newest country – South Sudan. His images have appeared everywhere from National Geographic to the National Enquirer. Ace will share his passion for travel, for adventure, for life! The ups, the downs, and most recently his obsession with the most remote canyons of the Colorado Plateau. A sixty day journey searching for ancient routes in the canyon country.

In September of 2016 Ace set out with his dog and two friends. They endured heat, storms, and the never-ending search for water in a trackless wilderness of canyons. They set out to live in the rhythm, in the cycles of the moon, following routes of the ancients.

Please join us January 18th at the Sherbino Theater in Ridgway, CO as Ace shares his adventure through images, film and captivating stories.

January 18th

Sherbino Theater
604 Clinton St Ridgway
Doors Open 6PM, Show Start 6:30PM

$10 door donation goes to the
George Gardner Scholarship Fund